Tips for choosing the right pocket square

Pocket squares and Linen pocket square again remains a fashionable accessory even today. The popular way of displaying this style is folded one corner so that other must be appears and another common way to show ties and fashion accessory to fold it so that three points emerge from the pocket. Those who are unaware about how to fold a pocket silk, don’t worry, you can take help from detailed instructions about pocket square available online. Moreover those who are using this accessory first time, it’s better to take some suggestions. Solid color is the traditional way of using Linen pocket square, white is considered as the most formal dress and stylish. Navy blue burgundy red hankies are considered as less formal. Though pocket square with more color and design is not formal but looks elegant in style and a very classy and sexy. Burgundy red, green, and navy blue looks casual but sophisticated and much popular in style.

Know the pocket square rules

Undoubtedly a good suit does make the man perfect with his attire. However, it is important to choose the right accessories like ties, hand keys, pocket square, tie pin, cufflinks, shoes and so on.  Hence while picking the pocket square; you need to spend some time to pick the right one.

  • Choose the right color:  Look for the color that is complement the color of your shirt. While shopping for a pocket square it is wise to choose the secondary color of your tie or shirt. Never overdo the patterns and never directly match your tie’s color.
  • Know the ways to fold:  As per the designers, there are many methods to fold a pocket square. Among several type of folds, the square and puff style are the common one. Experts recommend cotton or linen fabric for the square ford and silk or woolen for the puff fold.
  • Dress up or dress down:  Go for the pocket square which permits you to dress up or dress down. It is nice to look for the colorful design which can used for different occasion. This type of pocket square can be folded into a square shape for formal business meetings, and can be converted into a puff fold for the evening party.

Ensure to pick your pocket square that looks entirely unique. Remember the fact that these men’s accessories go in a long way to create a distinct look without reducing your bank balance. According to the experts, silk is considered to be the right material for your pocket square than the other materials.