Fine Quality Running Shoes You Wish to Have


Running shoes have the qualities that take into account the individual characteristics and preferences of the runner:

  • type of foot support
  • surface type
  • goal (competition or training)

What Should Be Running Shoes

Running shoes for running should be light (weighing up to 400 grams.) And have significant cushioning properties. For this, the midsole is made from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and an innovative boost foam that provides maximum cushioning even with strong temperature changes. Sole outsole must be durable: use strong rubber. The upper is mainly made of breathable synthetic materials that provide better ventilation than leather or suede. With the adidas sneakers online these deals get perfect for you.

How to Choose

Determine the type of foot support (degree of pronation). With hyperpronation, running shoes with stable support of the foot are necessary; with supination and neutral pronation, with neutral support. Models with natural foot support are suitable for runners who are preparing for difficult distances.

The type of surface is important. For running on asphalt and treadmills suitable shoes with a flat, soft sole. For running on the ground – with a more rigid sole. For running over rough terrain and park paths, a very hard outsole is needed.

Shoes are selected for the type of training. For warm-up and sprint fit Solar Drive sneakers or Pure Boost. At medium distances, it is better to choose models with improved shock absorption – Solar Boost and Ultra Boost. Sneakers from the adizero professional line are suitable for marathon distances and competitions.

Warm sneakers are made from a special Gore-Tex material, which is attached between the outer layer of the sneakers and the lining. This material is waterproof, it breathes well and provides the necessary insulation. In such sneakers it is not cold even at low temperatures.

When choosing sneakers for the winter, see if they have a neoprene sock inside. Microporous synthetic rubber neoprene perfectly retains heat and will not let moisture get inside, it is very durable and does not allow bacteria to multiply.

Thermal insulation is an important characteristic

Pay attention to the lining. Artificial fur, sherpa or PrimaLoft Silver material can be used as a lining. The artificial fur warms up remarkably, the sherpa fabric on the one hand imitates suede, and on the other, artificial fur keeps heat perfectly. PrimaLoft Silver material serves as a substitute for down, it dries well and does not let in moisture, such sneakers weigh a little, it is very important that winter shoes are not bulky. Sneakers with lining will be needed if you plan to spend most of your time on a frosty street. If you choose sneakers for training in the gym or will move around the city mainly in the car, then you can choose winter sneakers without insulation.

Sole – an indicator of the quality of sneakers

Winter sneakers should have the right sole. It is noticed that the sole is the weak point of many winter sneakers. The material from which it is made should contain additives that will not allow the base to freeze and crack during frosts. In the relief of the sole should be a bump and grooves that will not allow slipping on the ice. Choose sneakers with a sole thickness of more than one centimeter.

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